LITTLE ROCK (9-7) 

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) will soon be installing signs along two busy Interstates in Central Arkansas to inform truck operators of a new law that recently took effect, according to AHTD officials.

Act 1054 of 2007 by Senator Percy Malone amended Arkansas Code 27-65-107 (a) to restrict the travel of vehicles with more than two axles from the farthest left lane on designated six-lane Interstates. The Arkansas Highway Commission, at its August meeting, authorized the AHTD to erect the signs needed to communicate and enforce the law.

“As Ark ansas continues to grow, the mission to keep drivers on Ark ansas roadways is vital,” said Malone. “Act 1054 should decrease the likelihood of accidents and help drivers experience a greater level of safety.”

Signs will be installed on I-30 between Sevier Street in Benton and the south terminal interchange (the junction of I-30/I-530/I-440) in Little Rock , and also on I-440 from the south terminal interchange to I-40. The new signs will say “Trucks Use Right 2 Lanes” along the designated routes, and “End Truck Lane Restriction” at the end of the restricted segments.

“This new law is intended to assure that traffic flows safely and smoothly on six-lane Interstates by better managing the passenger cars and trucks that share the roadway,” said AHTD Director Dan Flowers. “We will monitor these two sections to ensure that we are achieving the desired balance between safety and mobility.”

The Arkansas Trucking Association (ATA) also supported the legislation.  “Safety is of paramount importance to our industry, and we think this new law will have a positive effect on safety,” said Lane Kidd of the ATA. “Many trucks on the road today have governors installed which restrict their speed to at or below the posted speed limits, so trucks seldom have a need to be in the far left lane of those roadways.”

            The AHTD plans to start installing the new signs on September 17, 2007.



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