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R.C. Box Culvert Drawings

R.C. Box Culvert Drawings - Full Book (English)

“The reinforced concrete box culvert standard drawings attached were designed using the AASHTO Standard Bridge Design Specifications and were typically used prior to 2012. They are NOT Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) compliant. The use of the attached drawings should be limited to the extension or widening of existing box culverts that were constructed with those drawings. New box culverts constructed using Federal funds, or modifications to existing box culverts that were originally designed to LRFD standards, shall be LRFD compliant.

These files were developed by the Bridge Division of the Arkansas Department Transportation. This organization assumes no liability or responsibility for and makes no representations or warranties as to applicability or suitability of these files. Anyone making use thereof or relying thereon assumes all responsibility and liability arising from such use or reliance. The Engineer using these files is responsible for verification of the reasonableness of the results provided by their use.”



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