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Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Asphalt Pavements   Slope Stability Monitoring Using Ground Based Portable Radar Interferometer
The overall objective of this project is to evaluate the use of Recycled Asphalt Shingles for asphalt pavements in Arkansas. This will include a consideration of the associated mixture design, performance, and acceptance procedures pertaining to this material. If applicable, the provisions will be established to incorporate RAS into AHTD Standard Specifications. The main objective of this research program is to evaluate the use of a ground based radar system. A series of ground based radar interferometer images will be acquired at various sites: a verification site in close proximity to University of Arkansas campus, and the test site (the Malvern Slide(. The images will be processes and differential interferometry calculations will be conducted to identify the boundary of the sliding mass, determine if the slides are actively moving, and determine the rate at which the slides are moving.
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Rapid Network Level Survey with Automated Cracking Detection   Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for AHTD Applications
The objective of this research is to apply an automated distress analysis technique combined with a Quality Assurance process for statewide surveys of pavement cracking.   As part of its mission to develop, operate and maintain a safe and efficient transportation system, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation (AHTD) monitors, inspects, and surveys its highways, bridges, and facilities.  Outside of surveying, this is done through several means, such as the Automated Road Analyzer (ARAN) vehicle, traffic counters, bridge sensors, cameras, and field or site inspections. However, there is a need to view areas from above in a flexible, safe, and cost-effective manner. By recording High Definition (HD) video from varying altitudes, AHTD staff can view areas of interest from the air in the field in real time, ensuring proper data collection before returning to the home office. Due to restrictions with the UAV, this research investigated a tethered helium balloon and a mobile mast mounted camera.
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