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2019 TRC Transportation Engineering Conference

Wednesday, August 14th
General Session:
TRC Update Transportation Resiliency Delivers Results TxDOT - Staying Ahead of the Storm
Oracle…ARDOT System of Record TidyUp Does Your Data Spark Joy Public Engagement - What Will It Take?
Ethics for Transportation Professionals Pavement Preservation - Presentation 1 Work Zone Workshop
Pavement Preservation - Presentation 2  
  Pavement Preservation - Presentation 3  
Pavement Preservation - Presentation 4  
Thursday, August 15th
Morning Sessions:
Equipment Maintenance: Optimizing ARDOT Fleet Replacement Looking for Simulation Training Solutions
  Stay in your Lane  
More Than Engineering Traffic Management Center (TMC) It's More Than an Afterthought
  School Bus Stop Safety Let's Go for a Bike Ride
  Evidenced-Based Decision Making Guidance Is a Bikeshare or E-Scooter System Right for Your Community?
Pavement Preservation Pooled Fund Study to Measure Benefits Preservation for High-Traffic-Volume Roadways
  Rejuvenating Mass Crack Treatments Micro-surfacing
  The "Frankenstein" project Thinlays
Planning for Operations Implementing Innovative Intersections Single Point Urban Interchanges
  TIM Performance Measures EDC-5 Safe Transportation
  Better Decision Making Arizona DOT Wrong-Way Driving
Thursday, August 15th
Afternoon Sessions:
Maintenance Maintenance Management and the Department 311 The Thread that Binds
  Showing 32,000,000 Pot Holes "Who's Boss" To Core or Not to Core?
  Expect the Unexpected!  
Work Zone Management Smarter Work Zones Real-Time, Big Data, for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  Work Zone Traffic Management Arkansas Work Zones
  Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) ABC Video 1
  ABC Video 2 ABC Video 3
Law & Ethics Your Health & the Cost of Healthcare Environmental Justice 101
  Transportation Public-Private Partnerships in Arkansas Key Environmental Issues Associated with Transportation Projects
Geotech Thermal Integrity Profiling for Foundation Using Infrared & GPR Profiling
  Video for Thermal Integrity Full Depth Reclamation with Cement
  Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Non-Nuclear Density Testing
  Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Mapping Subsurface Conditions
  Video 7 Deep Shear Velocity
Friday, August 16th
Morning Sessions:
Bridge & Structures Measuring Plastic Shrinkage The 30 Crossing Project
  Accelerated Bridge Construction in Texas Framework of Site-Specific Seismic Studies
  Everything You Never Wanted to Know Understanding the Causes of Bridge Deck Cracking
  Prestressed Bridge Girder Camber and Losses  
Environmental How Being Green Saves Green Effects of Tree Canopy on Rural Highway
  Utilization of Acoustic Monitors Vegetating Steep Cut Slopes
  Evaluating the Usage of Culverts & Bridges by Wildlife in Arkansas Clean Water Act
  Collaborative Implementation of Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Practices  
Innovative Technology Update on Automated Flagger Assistance Devices How DOTs Are Currently Utilizing Drones
  Advancing Infrastructure with Open Roads Design and Use Guide for Flexible Plastic Porous Pavers
  Arkansas Landslide Inventory Aerial LiDAR for Mapping the I-49 Corridor
  Corrosion Mitigation of Reinforced Concrete Structures  
Transportation Data Need a Little Excitement? Data Governance for TPM
  Enhancing Transportation System Performance What is e-Construction & Why Should You Care?
  RI, PMS, AMS, ARNOLD, MMHIS and ATIS Oversize/Overweight Permitted Loads Traveling Across Arkansas