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Project Number Project Title Project Area Report Date

HRC1 Research in the Arkansas Highway Department Special Projects 1962
HRC3 Calibration and Evaluation of a Nuclear Density and Moisture Measuring Apparatus Materials 1963
HRC4 Revised Comprehensive Report of the Performance of Flexible Bases and Pavements in Loess Terrace Soil Area Pavements 1963
HRC9 Investigation of the Portland Cement Stabilized Bases Materials 1966
HRC10 The Study of Pavement Blow-Ups Pavements 1966
HRC11 A Legal Analysis of Eminent Domain in Arkansas Special Projects 1967
HRC13 A Preliminary Study of Soil Stabilizations Procedures Pavements 1965
HRC14 A Study of Landslides Special Projects 1964
HRC15 Erosion Control on Highway Rights-Of-Way in Arkansas Maintenance 1970
HRC16 The Swelling Characteristics of Some Arkansas Soils Materials 1965
HRC17 Changes in Physical Properties of Asphalt Under Cement Service Conditions Materials 1969
HRC19 Effects of Chemical and Mineralogical Properties on the Engineering Characteristics of Arkansas Soils Materials 1969
HRC20 Adaptation of the General AASHTO Road Test Equation to Arkansas Conditions (Field and Laboratory Data Summary)  Pavements 1970
HRC21 Correlation of Physical Properties with Chemical Composition of Paving Grade Asphalts Pavements 1972
HRC22 Selection of Woody Plants for Highway Landscaping and Erosion Control Maintenance 1971
HRC25 Highway Maintenance Improvement Research Project Maintenance 1972
HRC28 Development of Design Criteria for Fill Slopes in Eastern Arkansas Design 1972
HRC29 Skid Research Program  Pavements 1979
HRC30 Design of ACHM Overlays by Deflection Analysis Pavements/Design 1979
HRC33 Causes of Bridge Pier Staining Maintenance 1973
HRC34 The Location and Potential Highway Use of By-products in Arkansas Materials 1972
HRC35 Arkansas Waste in Municipal Areas Suitable for Highway Construction or Maintenance Construction/Maintenance 1978
HRC36 An Evaluation of Rapid Pile Load Tests Materials 1979
HRC37 Production of Binders and Fillers From Cellulosic and Man-Made polymeric Wastes Generated in Arkansas Materials 1979
HRC38 An Investigation of Asphalt Surface Durability and Skid Resistance Pavements 1978
HRC39 Arkansas Bridge Foundations: Design and Analysis Design 1978
HRC40 The Design and Construction of a Circular Track Pavement Tester Design/Construction 1978
HRC42 The Effects of a Channel Relocation Project on the Ecosystem of Little Sugar Creek Benton County, Arkansas Special Projects 1979
HRC43 Fly Ash as Fill and Base Material in Arkansas Highways Materials 1975
HRC44 Environmental Aspects of Brine Utilization in Highway Purposes Maintenance 1976
HRC46 Construction Management System - Volume III - Resident and District Engineer Operations Manual Construction 1978
HRC47 Permeability of Fly Ash and Fly Ash Stabilized Soils Materials 1977
HRC48 Soil Cement Low Volume Roads in Arkansas Pavements 1987
HRC49 The Status of Highway Planning and Implementation in Urban Areas of Arkansas - Volume 2 Planning 1978
HRC50 The Effects of Limited Access Highways on Outdoor Recreation in Arkansas Special Projects 1979
HRC51 Stresses and Strains in ACHM Overlays of PCC Pavements Pavements 1979
HRC52 Construction Procedures Using Self-Hardening Fly Ash Materials 1979
HRC54 A Study of Superplasticized Concrete Made With Arkansas Aggregate Materials 1982
HRC56 Investigation of the Effectiveness of Bridge Bearing Anchor Devices and Bridge Joint Compression Seals Construction 1979
TRC57 Effects of Interstate 630 and East Belt Freeway Right-of-Way Acquisitions on Pulaski County, Arkansas Relocatees Special Projects 1979
TRC61 Arkansas Reflection Cracking Analysis and Overlay Design Procedure Pavements/Design 1982
TRC63 Use of Pavement Millings in Cold Mixes Pavements 1984
TRC64 Development of a Portable Weigh-In-Motion System Planning 1982
TRC65 Evaluation of Asphalt Emulsion Surface Treatment Characteristics and Performance Materials 1984
TRC66 Development of a Rational Mix Design Method for Asphalt Bases and Characteristics of Arkansas Asphalt Mixtures Materials 1984
TRC67 Correlation of Subgrade Reaction With CBR, Hveem Stabilometer, or Resilient Modulus Pavements 1983
TRC69 Study of Engineering Material Properties Which Influence the Utilization of Marginal Aggregates Materials 1984
TRC70 Determination of the Correlation Between Nuclear Moisture/Density Tests and Standard Tests on Certain Gravel Bases in South Arkansas Materials 1985
TRC72 Evaluations of Mineral Fillers and Anti-Strip Agents Materials 1987
TRC73 Evaluations of Bonding/Positioning of Elastomer Joint Sealers and Bridge Bearing Pads Materials 1985
TRC74 Vacuum Saturation Compressive Strengths VS Freeze-Thaw Weight Loss for Soil Cement Mixtures Pavements/Materials 1986
TRC75 A Feasibility Study of Pressure Sensitive Paint for Highway Application Materials/Special Projects 1984
TRC76 Use of Fly Ash in Highway Construction Construction 1986
TRC77 Bridge Deck Surface Durability Survey Maintenance/Materials 1986
TRC79 Measurements of Wood Preservative Retention By Electrical Resistivity Materials 1984
TRC80 Using a Nuclear Density Gauge for Field Testing of Chemically Preserved Wood Materials 1985
TRC82 Asphalt Mix Permeability Materials 1987
TRC84 Slope Stability Construction/Design 1986
TRC85 Development of Small Transit Bus Specifications for the State of Arkansas Planning 1986
TRC86 Concrete Mix Design with Fly Ash Materials 1986
TRC90 Cold Recycling of Asphalt Pavements Materials/Maintenance 1987
TRC92 Waste Product Utilization in Highway Construction and Maintenance Construction/Maintenance 1986
TRC94 Resilient Properties of Arkansas Subgrades Pavements 1988
TRC95 Bar Code Reading of Moving Trucks Special Projects 1990
TRC96 Asphalt Overlay of Bridge Decks Construction/Maintenance 1986
TRC98 Early Strength of Concrete Materials 1985
TRC99 Testing Treated Posts Using X-Ray Fluorescence - A Feasibility Study Materials/Special Projects 1988
TRC8702 Rock Buttress Wall Design for Rural Low-Volume Roads Pavements 1987
TRC8703 Fines Content of Granular Base Material Materials 1988
TRC8704 Evaluation of Portable Scales Special projects 1988
TRC8705 The Development of ROADHOG: A Flexible Pavement Overlay Design Procedure Pavements 1990
TRC8801 Asphalt Gradation Variation Materials 1989
TRC8802 Pavement Management Surveillance Systems Evaluation Pavements 1988
TRC8804 Pavement Damage Attributable to Four Axle Single Unit Trucks Pavements/Special Projects 1989
TRC8901 Bridges Constructed from Railroad Cars Construction/Special Projects 1991
TRC8902 Effect of Truck Tire Contact Pressures Design/Materials 1991
TRC8903 Study of Rutting Resistance of Asphalt Mixes Materials/Pavements 1992
TRC9005 Acceptance Tests for Coarse and Fine Aggregates Materials 1991
TRC9007 Weigh Station Improvement Study (Phase I Crittenden County) Special Projects 1989
TRC9102 Design of Asphalt Chip Seals Materials 1994
TRC9104 Analysis of In-Situ Moisture Content Data of Arkansas Subgrades Materials 1997
TRC9108 Development of An Acceptance Sampling Plan and Pay Adjustment Schedule Materials 1992
TRC9111 Detection of Antistrip Additives (Phase 1) Materials 1993
TRC9113 Detection of Moisture Damage from Laboratory Tests Materials 1995
TRC9119 Permeability of Pavement Base Course Materials 1995
TRC9201 Layer Coefficient / ACHM Stabilized Base Materials 1995
TRC9202 Roadside Vegetation Management Maintenance 1992
TRC9204 Deformation of Surface and Binder Courses Pavements/Materials 1993
TRC9205 Guidelines for In-Place Recycling - Phase I Special Projects/Pavements 1994
TRC9207 Performance of Pavement Drainage Systems Pavements 2003
TRC9210 Durability of Bridge Decks Construction 1998
TRC9302 Recommended Species for Roadside Management Maintenance 1994
TRC9303 Blending Aggregates for Skid Resistance Materials 2006
TRC9305 A Study of the Properties of Fiber Composite Bars for Use in Highway Bridge Deck Reinforcement Materials 1997
TRC9402 Slope Reliability Construction 1995
TRC9403 Reliability and Design Procedure Revisions of ROADHOG Design/Pavements 1997
TRC9404 Effects of Rubber on Asphalt Mixes Materials 1997
TRC9406 The Use of Transportation Models in Rural Study Areas Planning 2001
TRC9408 Detection of Antistrip Additives (Phase II) Materials 1996
TRC9504 Supplemental Signing for Stop Signs Maintenance 1995
TRC9601 Guidelines for Selections of Pipe Culverts Construction 1999
TRC9603 Bottomland Hardwoods Wetland Investigation: Nevins Creek Wetland Mitigation Project Special Projects 1998
TRC9604 Superpave Mix Designs for Arkansas Construction 1998
TRC9605 Market Analysis of Maintenance Activities Special Projects 1998
TRC9606 Development of a Pavement Management System Pavements 1998
TRC9701 Long-Term Economic Impact of Highway Improvements on Small Towns Special Projects 2004
TRC9703 Evaluation of the Muffle Furnace Method Materials 2000
TRC9704 Effects of Horizontal and Vertical Forces on Anchor Bolts Design 2005
TRC9705 Settlement of Bridge End Embankments Design 2011
TRC9801 LWT and RCM Based SHRP Mix Design Procedure / Evaluation of the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Materials 2001
TRC9802 Seedbed Evaluation Criteria Maintenance 2005
TRC9803 Use of Admixtures for Concrete Materials 2004
TRC9804 ERSA Wheel-Track Testing for Rutting and Stripping Pavements 2004
TRC9806 Verification of Construction Productivity Tables Construction 2002
TRC9901 Permeability of Superpave Pavements 2004
TRC9902 Different Curing Procedures Construction 2006
TRC9903 An Economic and Performance Evaluation of Pavements Constructed with Crushed Stone or Asphalt Stabilized Base Courses Special Projects/Pavements 2006
TRC9904 Implementation, Operation and Suport of the Multimedia-Based Highway Information System Special Projects 2000
TRC0001 Development of Quality Control Procedures for Hot-Mix Asphalt Materials 2012
TRC0002 Use of High Performance Concrete on Highway Bridge Decks Pavements 2005
TRC0003 Corrosion Protection Strategies Maintenance 2005
TRC0102 Use of Ground Penetrating Radar in a Pavement Management System Pavements 2005
TRC0103 Rural Highway Median Treatments Maintenance 2003
TRC0105 Incremental Improvements to Rural Two-Lane Highways Special Projects 2003
TRC0107 Evaluation of Monitoring and Remediation Measures for Slope Failures Construction 2013
TRC0201 ERSA Wheel Track Testing for Rutting and Stripping Design 2005
TRC0202 Multimedia-Based Highway Information System (MMHIS) Enhancements and Support Special Projects 2003
TRC0203 Permeability and Drainage of Superpave Pavements 2014
TRC0204 The Structural Evaluation of Precast Concrete Slab Panels in Bridge Superstructures Design 2004
TRC0205 Seeding and Erosion Control of Embankments Maintenance 2005
TRC0206 An Evaluation and Comparizon of the IRISystems Infrared Inspections System and The Raytheon NightSight ProtectIR 4000B Thermal Imaging System in Detecting Inoperative Brakes on Commercial Vehicles in Arkansas Special Projects 2002
TRC0207 Monitoring Hot Mix Asphalt on the Interstate Rehabilitation Program Materials 2003
TRC0208 Certification Procedures for Lightweight Profilers Pavements/Materials 2013
TRC0209 Improvements to ROADHOG Overlay Design Program Design/Pavements 2004
TRC0301 Effects of Various HMA Material Properties on Pavement Performance Materials 2006
TRC0302 AASHTO 2002 Pavement Design Guide Design Input Evaluation Study Pavements 2006
TRC0303 Upgrade of the Railroad Car Bridge Analysist Software System Design 2005
TRC0304 ACHM Mix Stiffness and Static Creep Behavior Pavements 2005
TRC0305 Development of Guidelines for Construction Best Management Practices Maintenance 2005
TRC0306 Alternative Test Methods for Air Voids and Field Density Materials 2006
TRC0308 Development of Smoothness Specification for ACHM Pavements Construction 2017
TRC0309 Evaluation of Variables in Route Selection Planning 2005
TRC0401 The Structural Evaluation of Precast Concrete Slab Panels in Bridge Superstructures, Phase II Maintenance 2005
TRC0402 Projected Traffic Loading for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Design 2006
TRC0403 Establishing a Statewide Pavement Markings Management System Maintenance 2007
TRC0404 Assess the Need for Implementing Access Management Program Planning 2005
TRC0405 Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash in Concrete Mixtures Materials 2006
TRC0406 Low Volume Flexible Pavement Roads Reinforced With Geosynthetics Materials 2007
TRC0501 Evaluation of Passive Bird Deterrent Devices to Minimize Nesting on Bridges and Culverts Special Projects 2007
TRC0502 Development of New Precipitation Depth, Duration, Frequency Maps for the State of Arkansas Design 2007
TRC0504 Development of an Implementation Plan for Mix Design and QA/QC for the Superpave Gyratory Compactor Materials 2010
TRC0506 Geosynthetic Drains for Slope Stability & Rehabilitation Construction/Maintenance 2015
TRC0507 Evaluation of Geomedia and Surveyor to Build A Roadway Asset Inventory Database Pavements 2014
TRC0508 Reporting of Crash Locations Using GPS Equipment   2006
TRC0601 Closing the Transportation Funding Gap in Arkansas Planning 2006
TRC0602 Development of a Master Plan for Calibration and Implementation of the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide Design 2015
TRC0603 Curing Practices to Reduce Plastic Shrinkage in Concrete Bridge Decks Materials 2011
TRC0604 Effect of Low Temperature on Ternary Concrete Mixtures Materials 2008
TRC0605 Development of Design Improvements for Bridge Railings Design 2007
TRC0701 Standard Penetration Hammer Efficiency for N-Value Correction Materials 2007
TRC0702 Database Support for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) Pavements 2009
TRC0703 Evaluation of Silicone Sealants on Bridge Deck Expansion Joints Design 2008
TRC0704 Comparison of Wetland Impact Assessment Methodologies: Charleston Method SOP versus Regional Hydrogeomorphic Models Special Projects 2010
TRC0705 Updating the AHTD Manpower Forecasting Program Construction/Maintenance 2008
TRC0706 Evaluation of Bond Strength Between Paving Layers for Hot Mix Asphalt Construction/Maintenance 2012
TRC0708 PCC Materials Input Values for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Materials 2009
TRC0801 HMA Longitudinal Joint Evaluation and Construction Construction/Maintenance 2011
TRC0802 A Case Study of Laser Scan Produced Measured Drawings for Abandoned Historic Bridges Special Projects 2010
TRC0803 Shear Wave Velocity Profiling and Liquefaction Hazard Analysis Design 2008
TRC0804 Verifying and Simplifying Tests for Presence of Air Blown Asphalt Materials 2008
TRC0805 Development of Mobility and Congestion Measures for Metropolitan Areas Phase I Planning 2008
TRC0901 Investigating the Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete in Transportation Structures Materials 2011
TRC0902 Evaluation of the Enhanced Integrated Climatic Model for the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Design 2010
TRC0903 The Marked Tree Site: Evaluation of Geosynthetic Reinforcements in Flexible Pavements Pavements 2011
TRC0904 Resistance Factors for Pile Foundations Design 2014
TRC0905 Evaluation of Aggregate Durability Performance Test Procedures Materials 2012
TRC0906 Evaluation of Biodiesel in Department Vehicles Special Projects 2014
TRC1001 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Pavement Evaluation Pavements 2015
TRC1002 Evaluation of High Performance Curing Compounds on Freshly Poured Bridge Decks Materials 2012
TRC1003 Calibration of the M-E Design Guide Design 2014
TRC1004 An Investigation of Warm Mix Asphalt Design and Construction Materials 2012
TRC1005 Roller Compacted Concrete for Roadway Pavement Materials 2013
TRC1101 Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Asphalt Pavements  Materials 2013
TRC1102 Slope Stability Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Technologies Materials 2015
TRC1103 Rapid Network Level Survey with Automated Cracking Detection Pavements 2013
TRC1104 Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for AHTD Applications “Studying Visual Aids to Assist in Corridor Analysis” Planning 2013
TRC1201 Design, Construction and Monitoring of Roller Compacted Concrete in the Fayetteville Shale Play Area Pavements 2014
TRC1202 Evaluation of New Technology for Traffic Monitoring Planning 2015
TRC1203 Data Preparation for Implementing Pavement-ME Design™ (DARWin-ME / MEPDG) Pavements 2015
TRC1204 LRFD Site Specific Variability in Laboratory and Field Measurements and Correlations Design 2015
TRC1206 Internal Curing Materials 2014
TRC1207 A Cost/Benefit Evaluation of Incentives Paid for Asphalt Concrete Hot Mix (ACHM) Properties Construction 2014
TRC1301 Use of Non-Nuclear Devices for Quality Assurance Materials 2015
TRC1302 Using Chemical Admixtures to Increase the Effectiveness of Snow/Ice Removal Maintenance 2015
TRC1303 Comparison of Texturing Methods Used for Highway Construction and Maintenance Construction/Special Projects 2016
TRC1304 Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt Design Issues Design 2015
TRC1305 Low-Cost Experimental Treatments for Horizontal Curves Design 2016
TRC1308 Developing Embankment & Subgrade Stabilization Regional Specifications Pavements 2016
TRC1401 Development of a Field Exposure Site for Predicting and Mitigating ASR Damage Materials 2018
TRC1403 Development of Best Management Practices for Turbidity Control During Rainfall Events at Highway Construction Sites using Polyacrylamide Special Projects 2016
TRC1404 Evaluating Performance of Asphalt Pavement Based on Data Collected During IRP Pavements 2015
TRC1405 Examination of Full‐Depth Reclamation Techniques for Shale Areas Across Arkansas Maintenance 2015
TRC1501 Performance of Asphalts Modified with Polyphosphoric Acid Planning 2017
TRC1502 Evaluating the Capacity of Deep Soils Foundations Special Projects 2018
TRC1503 Safety Performance Functions for Arkansas Design 2017
TRC1504 Alternative Uses for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in Highway Construction Maintenance Maintenance 2016
TRC1602 Examining the Required Cement Content Materials 2020
TRC1603 Deep Shear Wave Velocity Profiling in North-Eastern Arkansas Design 2019
TRC1608 Locating Transload Facilities to Ease Highway Congestion and Safeguard the Environment Planning 2017
TRC1701 Bridge Load Posting Based on Actual Arkansas Truck Traffic Design 2018





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