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Springdale Northern Bypass (Highway 412) Environmental Studies

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This web site provides information to the public concerning environmental studies on the Springdale Northern Bypass.  Please click on the links below to go straight to the information you wish to review.

The Project Overview provides the basic background of the proposed project.

The Project History presents a short summary of the work completed on the project.


The Latest Project Update provides a summary of latest  information. 


Meetings Scheduled will take you to information about the next meetings planned. 


Document Availability is a link to copies of documents containing information on the studies performed on the project.  You can also find information on how and where to obtain the latest studies.

The Maps has links to maps of the Selected Alignment Alternative, and tells where the most recent maps are available for viewing locally. 

What's Next presents an overview of future actions. 

For more information tells how to contact us with questions or comments and how to get registered on the project mailing list.




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