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Surveys Division currently has ten state wide crews responsible for obtaining quality survey data of the existing topography, terrain, surface utilities, and subsurface utilities.  The field survey data is utilized to create topographic maps, digital terrain models (DTM), and geometry databases. These survey products are transmitted to the Design Divisions to ensure quantities and design information can be returned to the field accurately, economically, and in a timely manner.

The field survey data is collected utilizing the AASHTOWare® SDMS® Collection system to accurately record point and chain measurements and attributes. The raw field data is reduced, compiled, and adjusted to create project coordinates with the AASHTOWare® SDMS® Processor software. This system produces a SDMS® Points and Chains (PAC) file to be imported into other Design Systems.

The Survey SDMS® points and chain data is imported into Bentley Systems Inroads and Microstation. The photogrammetry data is merged with the field collected data.  A surface model and design (graphics) file are created and supplied to the designers






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