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Surveys Division has ten licensed surveyors, two land surveyors in training, and the Division Head David Hall, is dual registered PE/PS. Our desire is to meet and exceed the Minimum Standards as established by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

ArDOT has three state wide survey crews which are responsible for obtaining the necessary information for ArDOT to be able to describe, plat and monument tracts for highway improvements.  Certified outside consultants are also involved on a as needed basis.

Available Information

Highway projects with Right of Way acquired in fee since the early 1990’s have been surveyed and survey work sheets for these projects may be available by calling 501-569-2094 or email jim.tadel@ardot.gov

Right of way plans, court orders, and construction plans may be obtained by contacting ArDOT ROW Division at 501-569-2329 or email dale.hodges@ardot.gov

General Land Office notes and plats, corner certificates and surveys may be obtained by linking to the Arkansas State Land Surveyor web site http://surveyor.arkansas.gov/ or you may call 501-683-1666.




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