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Section 5307 – Urbanized Area Program 

This program provides planning, capital and operating assistance to urban areas that are over 50,000 in population and under 200,000 in population.  While the AHTD is the “designated recipient” of funds, the transit systems receive direct funding from FTA and only require minimum oversight responsibilities.  However, Discretionary funds for capital equipment and busses for urban transportation systems are still administered by the Public Transportation Programs staff.

Type of Assistance: Grants and information.

Eligibility: Funds are allocated by a formula based on information received from the latest census and the State's urbanized area as compared to the urbanized area of "all" states.

Amounts Available: Approximately $5.5 million annually. 

Match Requirement: Capital - 80% federal; 20% local   Operation - 50% federal; 50% local

Application Period: Annually

Contact Information

Danny Chidester
Program Manager
Email: Danny.Chidester@ardot.gov
Phone: (501) 569-2559










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