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TransLease Program

TransLease Program.  This program is designed to supplement existing FTA projects with additional vehicles that can be leased and are eligible expenses under numerous Federal and State programs.  Applicants are selected for one or more vehicles. Lease payments are based on a forty-eight month payment cycle, which reimburses the Translease Fund the cost of the vehicle.  The vehicle title is then released to the lessee.

Type of Assistance: Agencies are provided vans utilizing an interest free loan that is repaid with installments amortized over the useful life of the vehicle.

Eligibility: Agencies and organizations that meet eligibility requirements for other FTA programs.

Amounts Available: $350,000 revolving account

Match Requirement: Not Applicable

Application Period: Open.  The state of Arkansas and the Department’s vehicle bids schedule is approximately from August to June each year.  Vehicles can be ordered based on available chassis.  Click here to view additional information on the TransLease program. 

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Greg Nation
Section Head: Public Transportation Programs
Email: Greg.Nation@ardot.gov
Phone: (501) 569-2474








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